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HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant

Jianxin HZS50 concrete mixing plant is a semi-automatic concrete mixing set of equipment composed of material supply, batching, mixing, electrical control and steel structure components.


Equipment introduction:

The production line of HZS50 concrete mixing plant developed and constructed by Jianxin Institute in an economically-oriented, economically-oriented society has good environmental protection functions. During the operation of the machine, the powder material handling is carried out in the fully-blocked system, and the powder tanks are efficiently collected. The dust/mist spray method greatly reduces the dust pollution to the environment. At the same time, the concrete mixing station uses sound-attenuating devices for the pneumatic system exhaust and discharge equipment to effectively reduce noise pollution. Secondly, after the transformation and upgrading, the production line occupies less funds, occupies less space, uses less equipment, and can produce high-quality and high-efficiency concrete under the condition of accurate metering.

Jianxin HZS50 concrete mixing plant is a semi-automatic concrete mixing plant consisting of feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control and steel structure components. It is a compulsory, high-efficiency equipment that can produce a variety of concrete such as plastic and dry-hard concrete with high production efficiency. It is widely used in construction of large and medium-sized buildings, roads and bridges, and prefabrication plants for the production of concrete products. It is ideal for the production of commodity concrete. equipment. The mixing system uses JS series twin-shaft forced mixers, which have good homogeneity of mixing concrete, short mixing time, long wearing parts, convenient operation and maintenance, and it adopts the latest design of your idea of electronic weighing, microcomputer control. , Digital display control technology, electronic weighing buffer device and automatic compensation function, high measurement accuracy. The gravel feeding system adopts flat belt or herringbone feeding and is equipped with an inspection walkway, which is an ideal choice for high-quality concrete in the construction industry.

Main details:

1、Mixer system
The JS1000 concrete mixer is composed of motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, mixing drum mixing device, oil supply device and other components. When working, and the two shafts of the reducer drive the two horizontal agitating shafts to rotate at the same speed in the opposite direction via two open gears.
2、Mixer system
The MPC1000 vertical shaft planetary mixer is composed of: the mixing arm and its blades make planetary motion, the mixing motion is violent, and the homogeneity is good; The bottom blade cleans the bottom material, and the side blade cleans the side material, and it is with automatic cleaning function.
3、Batching system
The PLD1600 concrete batching machine is used in the 50cbm concrete batching plant. The machine is divided into two hoppers batching machine and three hoppers batching machine. The series of batching machines adopt electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display, wired remote control operation.
4、Cement silo
The cement silo is divided into three types: flake cement silo, integral cement silo, and horizontal cement silo. in order to prevent the powder from arching, an arch breaking device is installed at the cone part of the silo; it can be designed as a bolted cement silo, which is convenient to transport and easy to use.
5、Conveying system
The aggregate conveying system adopts the lifting bucket feeding method. The big advantage is that it occupies a small space and saves land resources. The belt conveyor is an ideal efficient continuous transportation equipment, which has the advantages of long transportation distance, continuous transportation.
6、Control System
The core of 50cbm concrete mixing plant is the control system. The whole machine adopts computer control, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master. Dynamic panel display can clearly show the operation of each component, and can store and print report data.

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