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Jianxin Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Will Ship To Hungary


In mid-October, Jianxin Machinery was loaded and shipped to several mobile concrete batching plant in Hungary. At the delivery site, all work is proceeding in an orderly manner. The sales department carefully checks the delivery list, the production workshop conducts the final quality inspection, and the loading workers allocate reasonable space for the equipment. Soon, these mobile mixing plants will help the construction of the Sino-European project.

The Hungarian customers who purchased the equipment this time have strict requirements for the equipment. They have conducted detailed investigations on many mixing plant manufacturers at home and abroad. Based on the product image of Jianxin machinery products and the good equipment in the overseas market, Jianxin Machinery was successfully shortlisted List of intended purchases. In response to the local equipment use environment and customer needs, Jianxin’s mechanical technology department and sales manager make rapid adjustments to products, and mature and stable equipment configuration, which meets customer requirements while ensuring product reliability, maximizing customer benefits, and enabling customers In the end, Jianxin Machinery was chosen. Before the equipment was shipped, the customer representative also carried out a detailed inspection and acceptance of the equipment, praised the construction of the new equipment, and expressed the desire for further cooperation!

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In order to adapt the equipment to the diverse construction environments of the world, Jianxin Machinery has continuously increased investment in technology research and development, and achieved breakthrough improvements in products, technology, quality and the market. The successful export to Hungary this time also further demonstrates Jianxin Machinery’s ability to provide complete equipment solutions for overseas high-end users!