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Saudi Customers Come To Jianxin Machinery For Inspection


In Saudi Arabia, Jianxin Machinery has established a good pre-sales and after-sales service network, as well as complete logistics, financing and other supporting measures. With its product performance and service support, Jianxin Machinery has been effective in many projects in Saudi Arabia and has become a beautiful local scene. A few days ago, several Saudi customers accepted the invitation of Jianxin Machinery and came to the factory to inspect the factory. The Saudi customers have a comprehensive understanding of Jianxin Machinery, are more assured of Jianxin machinery and equipment, and successfully reached a cooperation with Jianxin.

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On the day of the visit, the Saudi customers, accompanied by the sales manager of Jianxin Machinery, went to the production workshop to learn more about the manufacturing and assembly processes of concrete mixing plants, concrete mixers and other machinery. After listening to the staff’s introduction and walking out of the workshop, the customer highly praised Jianxin Machinery for its scientific and efficient plant construction and management, and spoke highly of Jianxin’s insistence on high-quality products. After the visit, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the development status of the concrete industry, the company’s industrial layout, green development and scientific development. The technical staff of Jianxin pointed out that with the introduction of a series of policies and industry standards in China, higher requirements have been put forward for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional concrete production industry. The concrete mixing plant must be green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and sustainable in the future. road. At the same time, production equipment should also develop in the direction of intelligence and environmental protection, and stand out from the fierce market competition. Jianxin Machinery has incorporated new environmental protection concepts in product design and production, so that the equipment not only meets the current production needs, but will not be out of date in the next ten or twenty years, in line with the development trend of the industry. Customers also said that in the construction of Saudi Arabia, environmental issues have also received more and more attention, and the construction of new equipment is far-sighted and has been at the forefront of the industry.

The visit came to a successful conclusion in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The customer formulated a preliminary equipment purchase plan. Jianxin Machinery will tailor a detailed equipment configuration plan for the customer. We look forward to Jianxin Machinery and equipment once again showing their talents in Saudi Arabia!