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The 750 Concrete Mixers Were Sent To Vietnam On November 5


On the afternoon of November 5th, the mixer trucks and concrete mixers were sent to Vietnam  successfully loaded and shipped. The cold wind and rain did not affect the enthusiasm of Jianxin employees at all. Everyone was meticulous in the delivery work and carefully checked every part to ensure that it was correct. Later, the truck slowly drove out to build a new factory, sending new and good equipment to Vietnamese customers.

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In different countries and regions, Jianxin Machinery can customize equipment configuration and construction plans for customers based on years of experience in professional production of concrete mixer equipment, so as to avoid equipment “unacceptable” to affect the quality of the project. Every year, a large number of customers come to Jianxin Machinery to visit and purchase equipment. Whether domestic or overseas, Jianxin Machinery has gained the unconditional trust of a large number of customers. Jianxin Machinery will continue to adhere to high-quality production and contribute its own strength to global industrial development.

2018 is approaching the end of the year. There are many orders for new machinery and heavy production tasks. Many customers worry that the price of equipment and raw materials will increase in 2019, which will lead to an increase in equipment prices. At the end of the year, they will order equipment and build new machinery. Therefore, customers who have plans to purchase after the year ,you can make a reservation or advance purchase, and reserve production and construction time. At the same time, buying or paying a deposit before the year will also effectively avoid the peak season shipments and avoid the embarrassing situation of the construction party rushing to start the construction, the equipment is not in place and the project is lost. “Thinking is prepared, prepared without trouble”, 2019Coming soon, you may take advantage of the national “One Belt One Road” policy to choose investment projects and get development opportunities as soon as possible.