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WBZ400 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Jianxin WBZ400 stabilized soil mixing station production line is equipped with equipment to mix various mixtures into stabilized soil. It includes: cement tanks, metering and conveying equipment, and mixing equipment.


Equipment introduction:

The WBZ400 Stabilized Soil Mixing Station (mixing station) uses a twin-shaft continuous liner-less mixing machine for easy maintenance, even mixing, and high production efficiency. The ingredients are electronically weighed or volume-measured, the measurement is accurate and reliable, and the ratio changes rapidly. The computer control system manages the entire process, with manual and automatic selection, convenient operation and good reliability. Speed ​​adoption of international advanced frequency control or electromagnetic speed control will save energy, stepless speed, and fully guarantee the reliability of equipment operation. Intelligent turbine flowmeter for water supply, accurate calculation, intuitive display. Aggregate and finished material conveyor adopts seamless vulcanized joint ring tape or large angled wave rib belt, which is compact in structure, stable in operation, reliable in operation, not easy to deviate, and effectively improves the service life of the belt. Aggregate bins are modular or modular, flexible and suitable for different levels of demand.

Main details:

1、Mixer system
The main machine adopts a no-liners structure, which greatly increases the gap between the mixing blade and mixer drum;When the mixer working, a non-moving mixed material layer will be formed in the gap, which will stay on the drum, act as a lining board, protecting the mixer drum from abrasion.
2、Batching system
Aggregate batching system of WBZ400 stabilized soil mixing plant is consists of flat belt conveyor, weighing system, and computer control system.Adopt electronic belt scale for continuous automatic batching, weighing sensor adopt as the weighing element, and the measurement is accurate

3、Convey system
Screw conveyors can transport cement, fly ash, mineral powder, dry sand, etc., and are widely used in chemical, building materials, food, metallurgy, power and other industries.Belt conveyor is an ideal high-efficiency continuous material convey equipment. reliable operation.

4、Control System
The center of WBZ400 stabilized cement soil mixing plant is the control system. WBZ400 stabilized cement soil mixing plant adopts computer control method, which automatically or manually modes are all availiable. The operation of the whole machine can be completed by only one person.

5、Cement Silo
Cement silo include three types: Bolted cement silo, Welding cement silo, and Horizontal cement silo.The upper and lower parts of the cement silo are equipped with level meters and dust clean systems; Silo body were splited by pieces, which will save space and freight after stacking and loading into the container.

6、Dust clean system
There is an axial fan set on top of the pulse dust collector. When the axial fan works, negative pressure is formed inside and outside the dust filter bag. Air passes through the pores of the dust bag and is discharged into the atmosphere through the axial fan. The dust is blocked by the dust bag and attached to the dust bag.

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