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WBZ500 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Zhengzhou Jianxin 500 stabilized soil mixing station is widely used for its excellent performance, technology, reasonable structure, reliable work, convenient use, easy maintenance, high productivity, accurate ratio, uniform mixing and other characteristics.


Equipment introduction:

After years of testing and actual case identification, the WBZ500 Stabilized Soil Mixing Station production line equipment developed and built by Zhengzhou Jianxin Institute is now characterized by excellent performance, advanced technology, reasonable structure, reliable work, easy use, easy maintenance, high productivity, accurate ratio, Various characteristics such as uniform mixing and stirring are widely used in large and medium-sized building construction, road and bridge construction, and precast plants for the production of concrete products. It is an ideal base material and equipment for construction units.

The WBZ500 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant is mainly composed of gravel aggregate batching system, water supply system, agitation system, powder batching system, finished product conveyor, finished material storage silo, gas system, and electronic control system.

Main details:

1、Mixer system
Twin horizontal shaft compulsory no-liner mixer: Shaft end seal adopts world advanced technology.The shaft end support and shaft end seal are completely separated, mud and sand are difficult to enter into the bearing, spare parts replacing is quick and convenient, and maintenance time is extremely short; Large capacity mixer drum, uniform mixing and have a high productivity.
2、Batching system
Aggregate batching system consists of aggregate storage bins and belt conveyor;All building block type aggregate storage bins are connected by pin shafts, which is convenient for disassembly, quick installation, and flexible transportation; Aggregate weighing method is adopt weighing sensor, which can measure four kinds of aggregates separately to improve the accuracy of batching

3、Convey system
Belt conveyor is the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor for aggregate and finished material conveying.High-quality seamless vulcanized joint ring tape is with compact structure, stable and reliable operation, not easy to deviate, can effectively improve the service life of the belt, easy to achieve automation and centralized control, and easy to disassemble.

4、Control System
Control system adopt Domestic famous brand electronic accessories, using electromagnetic (frequency conversion) speed regulation method.WBZ500 stabilized cement soil mixing plant adopts computer control method, which automatically or manually modes are all availiable. The operation of production process is simple and easy to master. The operation of the whole machine can be completed by only one person.

5、Cement Silo
Cement silo include three types: Bolted cement silo, Welding cement silo, and Horizontal cement silo.The upper and lower parts of the cement silo are equipped with level meters and dust clean systems;Cement silo designed as bolted type when shipping by sea, silo body were splited by pieces, which will save space and freight after stacking and loading into the container.

6、Dust clean system
There is an axial fan set on top of the pulse dust collector. When the axial fan works, negative pressure is formed inside and outside the dust filter bag. Air passes through the pores of the dust bag and is discharged into the atmosphere through the axial fan. The dust is blocked by the dust bag and attached to the dust bag. The vibrator motor blow off the dust adsorbed on the dust filter bag.

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