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Welcome Canadian Customers To Visit And Inspect Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment


Yesterday, several Canadian customers visited Jianxin Machinery to inspect concrete mixing plant equipment. Jianxin sales manager and production workshop technicians warmly received the visiting guests.

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At the beginning of the visit, the sales manager of Jianxin extended a warm welcome to the customers and introduced the company’s development history, current situation and product range to the guests. Every piece of equipment of Jianxin Machinery must pass comprehensive tests. As an international enterprise that exports a large number of foreign countries every year, Jianxin Machinery strictly adopts international advanced standards for design and production and processing. After understanding, customers are impressed by Jianxin Machinery’s production strength and A visit to the production workshop showed great interest. Afterwards, the customer came to the concrete mixing plant production workshop, which is in the process of orderly production. From material selection to equipment inspection, Jianxin Machinery has strict production standards, and the high degree of intelligence of the finished concrete mixing plant also left a deep impression on the guests. We felt the trust and recognition from the visitors’ admiring eyes and words. “Using technology to create a better living environment for people and making industrial production more intelligent and efficient” is the vision of Jianxin Machinery. Jianxin Machinery will repay the trust and support of customers with better product quality and higher production standards.

Jianxin Machinery has been focusing on the production of concrete mixing plants, stabilized soil mixing plants and other equipment for 30 years, with advanced technology and mature products, please feel free to contact us.