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YHZS25 Mobile Concrete Batching

The YHZS25 mobile mixing plant can reach the output of 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour, and has the advantages of flexible movement, simple and quick disassembly and assembly, and stable performance.


Equipment introduction:

The mobile concrete batching plant is a mobile concrete mixing station equipment. Through ingenious design, the batching system, batching system, mixing system, storage, unloading, and automatic control system of the mixing station are centralized in a trailer unit, and the movement of the mixing station is realized through the trailer. YHZS25 type mobile concrete mixing plant can produce 25-square-concrete concrete output. It has the advantages of flexible movement, quick and easy assembly and disassembly, and stable performance. It is the preferred choice for field construction projects such as railways, highways, ports, bridges, and hydropower projects. model. Jianxin YHZS mobile mixer is a highly integrated mobile concrete mixing plant. The main machine adopts a forced twin-shaft mixer, which has the characteristics of short stirring time, rapid discharge, even mixing, high productivity, and can produce plastic, dry hard and other concrete, reliable quality. Aggregate is measured by electronic weigher or measured separately. The cement, water, and additives are weighed and weighed. The measurement is accurate, and the microcomputer is centralized to control. The operation is simple, easy to adjust, and reliable. The aggregate uses bucket lifting or belt feeding. Siemens devices are used for electrical components, which have reliable performance and high production power. They are suitable for on-site mass production of concrete. The abradant liner and agitator blades are specially treated with wear resistant materials. The unique shaft end support and seal type greatly increase the service life of the main machine. The station is fully functional and has a complete composition of ingredients, mixing, metering, and control systems. It has a small footprint and high cost performance. It is suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized hydropower projects, highways, ports, airports, and bridges.

Main details:

1、Mixer system
The mixing system of 500 concrete mixer is composed of electric motor, reducer, open gear, mixing drum mixing device, oil supply device and other components. When working, the two shafts of the reducer drive the two horizontal stirring shafts to rotate at the same speed in the opposite direction via two split gears.
2、Mixer system
The mixing system of the MPC500 vertical shaft planetary mixer is composed of: the mixing arm and its blades make planetary motions, the mixing track is continuous, the mixing motion is intense, and the homogeneity is good; the angle of the mixing blades is reasonable, and the wear of the liner and blades is reduced
3、Batching system
The 25 mobile mixing plant uses PLD800 concrete batching machine, which is composed of feeding mechanism, electrical control system and other components. The characteristic is that the feeding mechanism is arranged in the shape of “product”, fed by the belt conveyor, and the measurement is accurate.

4、Cement silo
The cement silo is divided into three types: bolted cement silo, integral cement silo, and horizontal cement silo. The upper and lower parts of the cement silo are equipped with level gauges and dust removal systems; It can be designed as a sheet cement warehouse, which is convenient to transport and easy to use.

5、Conveying system
The aggregate conveying system adopts the lifting bucket feeding method. The big advantage is that it occupies a small space and saves land resources. The belt conveyor isan ideal efficient continuous transportation equipment. It has the advantages of long transportation distance, continuous transportation, etc., and reliable operation.

6、Control System
The control room is at the bottom of the main chassis, and the mixing plant fully automatic control system is installed inside. The control system is the same as the fixed mixing plant. The control room is used as the front support point of the whole station when it is working. The control room is stowed and stored in the bracket during transfer.

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